Thursday, August 2, 2018


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There was a torrential downpour at the game and I am not just talking about the rain. It was a downpour of disappoint as the Yankees chances of catching up to the Red Sox are washing away. It's doom and gloom. The Yankees are getting ready for Boston at the worst possible time.

Has this teams ability to win a baseball game been washed away? I know we are better than this! What happened to that team we had in June? Those guys were kicking ass! I don't care that the Yankees are 30 games above .500! That's not a silver lining right now. It's freaking August! HELLO....can any of you guys hear me?!

I know third base coach Phil Nevin can. He may be the only one who has a fire still burning inside of him. As I was screaming in frustration I could SEE his emotion and frustration in the dugout. I wish I could've been a fly on the dugout wall as YES network had a brief clip of Phil Nevin visibly upset based on his body language HERE. At least he is SAYING something!

How I miss the days of Paul O'Neill....what a warrior. Obviously right now I am missing that real veteran presence. There is no one to give this team the kick in the ass like we had back in the day. Nobody is stepping up, at least that is how I feel.

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And why isn't our skipper Aaron Boone speaking up? Nevin is in the dugout showing some emotion. I would give Boone some credit and say maybe he is saving that for behind closed doors but right now I just do not believe it! Joe Girardi would have a lot to say right now. So would Jorge Posada! This is killing me inside. I want to give Boone the benefit of the doubt but based on his lackluster talk in front of the media he was just too cool, calm and collected for me.

So who is going to give this team the ass kicking it needs? Somebody better do it before the Yankees see the Red Sox because they are happily capable of doing it. The Yankees did everything wrong today.

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Sonny Gray is a failure and a drain to this team. He didn't even last three innings and gave up seven runs....all EARNED! Give him a mop and some laundry detergent and rename him the Equipment Manager for all I care. He is a disease to this team. It's unfair that Lance Lynn had to come in and stop the bleeding and he still gets to keep his job! WHY?!

Seriously, I want to know why. But Boone only left an open door option to letting Lynn replace Gray permanently. He said these are "all things we’ve got to evaluate and consider" and "we’re not gonna be emotional about this right now. It's not my decision to make" read more HERE.

I disagree. It is emotional now. Clearly, otherwise Nevin wouldn't have acted...HUMAN and I guarantee you if the BOSS were alive right now there would be plenty of emotion to go around. The moves that Brian Cashman just made to improve this team mean nothing if we don't play to our strengths....a.k.a stop relying on Gray. It's insanity.

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I know the game wasn't all Gray's fault. Gleyber Torres had a bad game. We know it and so does he, "I know I missed a couple plays out at second base. Really feel no good with that," he said HERE. In case you missed it Baltimore had a five-run second inning. The Yankees anticipated a bunt from Caleb Joseph who of course bunted. Third baseman Miguel Andujar fielded the ball but Torres was as slow as a snail getting over to cover first. Joseph had an infield hit and left the bases loaded. Boone of course defended that and was rather laid back about the situation.

We didn't look like major leaguers today. We should be eating teams like the Orioles and Royals for lunch! There is no reason to be 6-4 in our last 10 games. Someone better crack the whip and get these guys thinking and playing like winning ballplayers.

We are headed into the lions den 5 1/2 games out....if we don't pull our heads out of our asses the Red Sox will embarrass us and it will be 9 1/2. Someone better get through to these guys, PRONTO!

--Jeana Bellezza-Ochoa
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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  1. My sentiments exactly Sonny Gray has not proved himself gives up too many runs in the beginning of the game and then we have to play catch-up it's time to make a move them put up big boy pants on

  2. leaving a lot of Runners on base should be advancing them playing small ball seems like we don't know how to do that being paid big money don't know how to bunt to move them up


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