Thursday, August 2, 2018


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I am THRILLED that so many of you told me that I was an idiot because I was just concerned about how Happ would handle being a Yankee. You told me that we had Boston right where we wanted them... because Happ has an amazing record against Boston.

Here's one of the many geniuses:


I pointed out that while the Yankees play Boston 10 more times this season, Happ will face them, what... 2 times, maybe 3? And THEN... we had to hope that we beat them... that Happ had his stuff... that the Yankee offense was on fire and all of that. And you dismissed me and the conversation died.

Photo: AP
Well Happ's on the DL and now he's not pitching against Boston this weekend because he has Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease. How's that stupid stat against Boston working for ya?

You know who told me about Happ being out? The great Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record...

So now, you need to hope he gets to pitch against Boston, once or twice... and then we need to hope he has his stuff and that the Yankee offense is awesome.

Stats like that mean nothing, folks, and that's why you can't go "certain" stat heavy in conversation when it comes to baseball.  Sure, the game is full of stats and you can throw them out all you want... after all, there are many important stats that are necessary when talking baseball because it can truly be a fascinating game when the right stats are thrown around.  But a stat like beating Boston and trying to justify a good trade like getting Happ… it doesn't mean much.

Throw in Hand, Foot and Mouth disease... and it means less.

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