Tuesday, July 3, 2018


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I heard Paulie O'Neill say it last night. Paraphrasing here, he said how it's gotta be frustrating for Greg Bird and him hitting a couple dingers the other day, but he's really struggling with that low average otherwise.  It is frustrating. Frustrating for him... definitely for the fans too.

NJ.com writes this about Bird and it's eye opening:

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"The Yankees have to be close to losing their patience with first baseman Greg Bird, who’s hitting .198 in 31 games since coming off the disabled list following ankle surgery. After hitting two homers in Saturday’s win, he’s 1-for-8. He entered Monday hitting .171 (7-for-41) in his previous 15 games. 

'I've just got to do better,' he said late Monday night."

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Losing their patience. Definitely. But what will they do? Will they send him to AAA? Will they replace him with Tyler Austin? Drury? Neil Walker? My son? Anyone else? Will they even move him?

That we'll have to see.  I know the Yankees want Bird and like him, but the concern now is do they just hope he's gonna pop and become the Bird they want him to be? Or... will they eventually just snap and remove him all together.

Personally, if it was me, I bench him for a few days, do a reset, let another player play and then give him another shot down the road a bit. Sometimes walking away helps a player tremendously. I think that could be good for Gregory.

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  1. The smart thing to do is platoon him with Tyler Austin and move on from Neil Walker. However, the Yankees and Cashman seem determined to make Walker a success. 200 at bats in, it's just not happening.


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