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I can't help it. I just despise giving up games to the Boston Red Sox, especially if I can predict ahead of time that it is going to happen.  As soon as I confirmed that Sonny Gray would pitch against Red Sox Ace Chris Sale, I knew we were surrendering.  Am I the only one that gets heartburn when Gray takes the mound, particularly in Yankee Stadium?

Actually, after doing some searching, I apparently am not alone in my grief.  During the game last night baseball analyst and Yankee beat report Bryan Hoch tweeted, "Last Sonny Gray stat. Avert your eyes. Highest home ERA by a Yankee, min 13 starts:

Sonny Gray 7.10
Carl Pavano 6.12
Jaret Wright 5.93
Jeff Johnson 5.85
Dave Eiland 5.56
Jeff Weaver 5.46
Hideki Irabu 5.20
Tim Leary 5.19
Richard Dotson 5.13
Scott Sanderson 5.08"

Source: Abbie Parr/Getty

Those stats are ugly.  How about these?  Gray lasted 2 and 1/3 innings, allowed six runs on seven hits and got booed off the mound at the end of the first inning.  Oh yea and he was trending on Twitter ahead of the World Cup and not in a good way.  And he thinks the whole Star Wars thing is overrated.  Guess what, so are you, Sonny! By the way, did I mention, fans want you out of pinstripes? You can #SonnyGray on Twitter for all of the gory details.

Source: NY Post

"The Yankees have a major problem here and at some point probably will be forced to trade a highly touted prospect like Clint Frazier for starting pitching help because of Gray’s inability to be the pitcher the Yankees thought they were getting when they acquired him from the Athletics last year at the trade deadline," reported the NY Post in May.

A tweet last night even suggested wrapping up Gray and Chasen Shreve in some kind of trade before the deadline.  I absolutely agree, if we could pull that off.  Another tweet suggested dropping Gray from the rotation after Masahiro Tanaka returns, choosing to keep Jonathan Loaisiga, who no-hit the Phillies into the sixth inning during his last outing in Philadelphia. Gray on the other hand couldn't get out of the first inning without throwing a grand slam.  Talk about opposite sides of the spectrum! It's time Aaron Boone stopped throwing his hands in the air in frustration in the dugout and did something proactive about the situation. 

Source: Sporting News

Today is July 1st, and we are just 30 days from the trade deadline.  No doubt we need a pitcher, but honestly at this point, the Yankees can't afford another Sonny Gray start.  It's time to take some action, Boone.  Rip off the band aid and stop the madness.  We should not have to break our momentum every time Sonny Gray starts; it's taxing on the team and it's giving more than just me heartburn.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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  1. You are 100% on the money. Just DFA Sonny ASAP to avert further disaster


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