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As of right now, I'm not so sure I can trust any pitcher on the Yankees staff not named Luis Severino. I'm serious! Something needs to change in the Bronx if the mighty New York Yankees are going to win a championship.  Unless Aaron Boone and coaching staff have some kind of magic potion, I predict a potential collapse. Something needs to change from within.

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There have been many signs this year that the Yankees need to improve their pitching. This piece by John Harper from Monday in the New York Daily News gives us just the latest example. It's a good piece... check it out:

"October is a long, long way off, but it seems clear that if the path to a World Series goes through Houston, the Yankees are going to have to outpitch the Astros to beat them, starting with Justin Verlander.

If this were the postseason, of course, Luis Severino would have been matched up against the Astros' ace, and they'll take their chances with that matchup every time. "

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I want you to think about that for a second, because believe it or not, it's powerful. Offense makes the game fun, but it's pitching that ultimately wins championships. Right now the Houston Astros have pitching and the Yankees staff is not exactly up to par with them. Sure, they won a few against the 'Srtros, but this is the regular season.  I worry about the playoffs. I really do.

While the four pitchers that follow Severino in our rotation have all shown promise, they don't leave much confidence at the end of the day and perhaps at the end of the season.

Remember, the "Yankees need pitching" people were saying that last year like it was some kind of revelation. But Cash listened and at the trade deadline, Cashman went out and got pitching. Needless to say, those same sentiments are being said again this year. Last year Jaime Garcia was not the answer and so far Sonny Gray isn't what we thought he was. That just leaves me to wonder what Cashman and the Yankee brass will do for an encore.

Many ideas have been floating around for months. Something has got to give, and unfortunately I have a feeling it is going to cost the Yankees dearly. Some of these prospects we don't want to let go of will have to be let go eventually.

Pitching is important to this Yankee team.  The Yankees are good, but with that extra "big" arm, they could really be great. Especially down the stretch.  Let's hope we get smart here.

--Michael Carnesi
BYB Junior Writer
Twitter: @sevn4evr

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