Saturday, June 9, 2018


You've all been asking me about Ty Hensley for a few years now.  Just so you know, I know the family, but I don't go hanging with Ty Hensley. It would be cool, but I rather my 15 year old son do that and learn some stuff. I'll go hang with Marci and Mike and have a few margaritas.

Now this is true, I have been getting updates from Marci, but there's something that I value when it comes to friendships, and that's privacy. I have never revealed anything that a friend doesn't want revealed, and that doesn't stop with the Hensleys.  Well... now I can reveal an update, and it's a pretty cool one.  Ty Hensley is an Evansville Otter, and yes, it's an independent league and he's still pitching.

Now before some of you guys get all uppity about how he's no longer in the majors, I want you to look at yourself and think... "What am I doing that's better? What am I doing that's something I'm passionate about?" Not much, right?

(Ashley Marshall/
Here's the key to this whole story... Ty Hensley is doing EXACTLY what he's wanted to do all his life.  He's pitching.  In baseball, it doesn't matter if it's the pros or independent ball. What matters is that your passionate in what you do, and you compete.

Stranger things have happened... and if that dream's still in his head and heart like I know it is... he's still thinking about the Bigs.  You never know when it comes to athletes with heart like Ty Hensley's. Believe it.

Best of luck friend. I hope I'm invited to the wedding.

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