Monday, May 7, 2018


Photo: New York Times
If you know anything about me, I am not a fan of Matt Harvey. I mean I am sure he's a great guy, but he isn't my cup of tea. I thought he bought into the hype surrounding him, and he is not a team player. Especially when reports were raised about his partying and Mets players not being too happy about HERE.

Now Matt Harvey has been designated for assignment. You know that makes me smile.  But look, despite his fall from grace, Harvey could in fact get picked up somewhere.  Who knows if this guy just needs to get out of New York to start shining again.  Maybe a small market is just what he needs.  After all, NY is not good for him. I think it's adding to his demise.

The New York Post writes:

Photo: New York Post
"While it has been largely assumed the former star pitcher would be an unlikely trade candidate due to the $4.6 million remaining on his contract and would end up being released after being designated for assignment Saturday, MLB Network reported Monday the Rangers “have mild trade interest” in Harvey. Dan Warthen, Texas’ assistant pitching coach, was the Mets’ pitching coach during Harvey’s peak years as a starter."

I strongly doubt the Yankees would ever tap into someone like Harvey, especially because they are rolling right now, you have to wonder.

OK... I wondered enough... not happening.

Anyway, You know I couldn't pass up a chance to rip on Harvey.  If you want to read more, go check out THE END OF THE DARK KNIGHT. I enjoyed writing that.

But tell me... what do you think? Where will Harvey go? Comment.

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