Thursday, May 31, 2018


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So I have been a little busy getting married recently and honeymooning which has left almost ZERO time for baseball. Almost....not quite. I have at least been reading and keeping up with news and gossip but watching games has been hard. I have seen some bits and pieces of our boys awesome streak of awesomeness but I have also seen some not so awesome moments too.

Oddly enough those not so awesome moments that I have seen have all revolved around Sonny Gray. Seriously, all of them. It's like I only had free time when Gray was pitching and I was only supposed to watch when he was pitching.

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Gray is a better pitcher than we have seen and I really believe that. It felt good to watch him go eight innings against the Kansas City Royals and only give up one run on four hits. I wish those good feeling would've continued against the Los Angeles Angels last week because watching him give up a three run lead really sucked. That is the last thing I wanted to see considering my husband is a die hard Angels fan and Gray gives up a home run to Mike Trout. Of course, it had to be Trout of all guys.

I want to feel good about Gray but he still hasn't figured out how to pitch in hitter friendly Yankee stadium or pitch deep into games. Any starters not named Luis Severino are killing the bullpen which eventually lead to Brian Cashman needing a 13th pitcher so Ronald Torreyes was sent down.....which sucks just as much as all the games I have watched Gray pitch in.

So what is Gray's issue? Certainly seems to be much deeper than just using Austin Romine as his permanent personal catcher in order to be effective. I dunno.

Is it just a lack of confidence?
Is it mechanics? he injured?

I hope the answer to that last question is a NO. Cashman certainly has his hands full and it will be interesting to see what moves are made before the trade deadline. Or should I say which pitcher(s) he picks up? Let's face it, as good as the Yankees are they need to better pitching to be World Series contenders.

That means you especially, Mr. Gray.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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  1. Gray is another version of AJ Burnette. Can pitch on the road and not at home.
    He has a 7.29 ERA at home and a 4.29 on the road .
    Maybe use him in day games only where he is 3-0 and 2.63 ERA and 0-4 9.29 ERA at night.
    He is definitely a better pitcher than he has shown.

  2. Sonny Gray is another Kenny Rogers. He wont last long in NY.


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