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As I have stated here many times on the pages of Bleeding Yankee Blue, I really hope the Yankees look at what they have before going out and signing the big free-agents.  Our team is young, energetic and solid.  I'd hate to mess with that first off... and secondly... what do we really need at this point.  Let the kids play.

To further back my stance, I really loved this piece from Mike Mazzeo of the New York Daily News...

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"It's still strange seeing the payroll disparity between the Red Sox and the Yankees: $234.2 million versus $169.4 million, according to Spotrac. But hey, Brian Cashman and Co. have been able to make it work despite the nearly $65 million differential, relying more on Baby Bombers than big bucks — at least relative to how things used to be in the Bronx."

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After a few weeks of people talking and tweeting like it's the end of the world in Yankeeland, something happened.  Rhythm.  A word Casey, our BYB chief likes to use here.  You find a team in a rhythm and you find a team that not only finishes each others sentences, but picks each other up after a snag, or learns to work together... some how, some way, a different guy every night.  Whatever it is... rhythm is happening for our New York Yankees.

Things are starting to look brighter. The people that were complaining and wanting new players are suddenly very excited. The joy of winning has returned to the Bronx after an amazing three-week run.

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Look, is everything perfect? Of course not, and it never will be...this is baseball. The Yankees don't have the best player at every position and in my opinion, they don't need to. They need players that play together and have fun on the field.

The best way to have that is having kids that are brought up together and familiar with each other. Mix that in with veterans who guide and teach through experience, and something valuable happens. Trust. That is the true definition of a team. These types are teams are the ones that win championships, not nine individuals who have to learn what the other is about only to have that change in a year or two.

It's kind of like the guy who dumped his girlfriend for a girl he thinks is more beautiful. Eventually, someday he might realize what he had was better. 

It's not about what it looks like on paper, folks. It's what they do on the field.  Better on paper? That doesn't always translate to better on the field...

--Michael Carnesi
BYB Junior Writer
Twitter: @sevn4evr

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