Thursday, April 12, 2018


"The Yankees grab the headlines every time!"
-- Billy Joel, Zanzibar

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I loved what Tyler Austin did last night!  He just energized a Yankee team and brought back a slowly dying rivalry!  The dude's bad ass, there is no question about it.  Was it over the top? Maybe... but it was also necessary.  And it all started because someone was "offended" by the way Tyler slid into second base.  I am tired of this new culture. Play the damn game...and play it hard!

If you don't know what I mean,  The New York Post writes:

"(Brock) Holt apparently took exception to Austin’s slide into the bag on a Tyler Wade grounder to third. Austin was called out on the play."

So right there it all started. Not by Austin, but by the Red Sox and sissy Holt.  If you watch the play, it's debatable.  Did he spike Holt on purpose? Maybe, but it wasn't blatant and for crying out loud... now we can't break up double plays? Why don't we all wear skirts too?

But the best part of last night, besides the win in Fenway was when Austin went friggin' nuts after Joe Kelly threw at him.  USA Today writes:

"The brawl began when Red Sox reliever Joe Kelly threw inside toward Yankees designated hitter Tyler Austin on one pitch, and two pitches later drilled Austin with a 97-mph fastball aimed at his back. Austin yelled and angrily threw his bat to the ground. Austin took several steps toward the mound, looked at Kelly, and Kelly motioned for him to come at him.

Photo: New York Post
And before you knew it, everyone was in on the fray, with the bullpens, coaches, and players began pushing and shoving as Kelly and Austin exchanged punches. Austin was punched several times by Kelly and was left with a fat lip. And Austin connected with Red Sox coach Carlos Febles."

Now fighting in baseball has been going on forever and when it comes to the Yankees, there are plenty of great ones.  But this one takes the cake.  Tyler was angry, and energized not only this sometimes stale Yankee club, but a Yankee fan base that has been looking for this team to wake up.

As my buddy Chris said last night... "The Yankees are back!"  Let's hope so...

Smart, Strategic move, Tyler.

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