Wednesday, March 7, 2018


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When we got Billy McKinney, he was part of the Chapman deal back when the Yanks sent Aroldis to the Cubs.  We got Adam Warren and some prospects.  McKinney was a throw in, and you know what? The Cubs are regretting it right now because I am convinced that McKinney is the next best thing.

Today McKinney hit a grand slam against the Mets.
It was glorious. 

My point is, as much as this is spring training, this is a kid that has mad potential.  Maybe more than many of the players we have brought over in trades over the last few years. 

Photo: Baseball America
It's a big one. We have even have written about him in past BYB pieces, so don't think that I just got all excited today because of his grand slam. No. I've been tracking this friggin' kid. I see big things. By the way, read WE LOVE BILLY MCKINNEY AT BYB! 

That was back in November. But that piece will give you a full grasp about our love for this guy.

Carry on.

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