Sunday, March 25, 2018


The Yankees played the Braves in the Disney complex, Champion Stadium in Florida yesterday.  That was the plan.  Luis Severino was to start for the Yankees, and if you saw the game or are reading the papers this morning... that happened.

But what you won't read too much about is that Severino almost didn't make it. He almost missed his start.  He got lost in Disney World.

Photo: New York Times
The New York Post got this story and it's kind of funny:

"Perhaps the most important lesson Luis Severino learned Saturday covered not baseball, but Disney World: It’s vast and confusing, and weekend traffic is a doozy.

The Yankees’ Opening Day starter reported to Champion Stadium about 11:45 Saturday morning, considerably later than expected for a 1:07 first pitch...

Photo: USA Today Sports
'It was supposed to be 15 minutes [from where he stayed],' said Severino, who made the trip to Disney because the Yankees wanted to keep him away from the Blue Jays, whom he’ll face Thursday in the season opener, in the split-squad contest. 'It was 30 minutes. I meant to check the traffic before.'"

I love Disney, but only when I'm there.  Getting there... getting out of there is a pain in the rear end. I like to get a place inside the compound... usually on a monorail so it's easy.  The travel otherwise? Insane.  And poor Sevy didn't realize that.

I wish he called me... I would have given him some tips.

Oh... by the way... the Yankees won yesterday.  Sevy looked great.  Thank god it didn't rattle him.

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