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It's a damn good thing that Masahiro Tanaka didn't opt out of his contract at the end of last season. Right now, his decision has really paid off because unlike several other pitchers on the market he has a job and damn good paying one too.

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I wonder if he thinks much about that. Seriously, three years and $67 million in guaranteed money is a lot more than what he would likely get on the open market. This off season has sucked and I am sure Jake Arrieta and Yu Darvish wouldn't disagree with that right now. Here we are less than a week until pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training and they don't have a job. When these guys do get a job it won't be anywhere near what they were hoping to get.

As much as Tanaka will be happy to keep his check for another three years it sounds like he has become pretty attached to the team and he's ready to pick up where he left off. In a story with the New York Post he's ready to get back to the Postseason and get past the ALCS this time.

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Considering how strange this off season has been it is no wonder why we now go back to the question "Are MLB Players overpaid?" as MLB Trade Tumors dug deeper into that question. Players contracts get pricier as do the tickets and food we buy at the game. It's grown into a frenzy that people have a lot to opinions on. Someone even told me today that they don't like watching the game anymore. It's not the same for them anymore. It's all about money for the players, not the game in its purist form and the strategy. Players don't have pride like they used to.

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But maybe Tanaka is the exception now. He didn't know this off season was going to be a snoozer. Opting out of contracts these days is a "normal" thing for a player and he could've done that. He didn't though and he is still here. He WANTS to be here.

“I’ve been with the organization four years,” Tanaka said through his interpreter. “We went into battle with these guys. Last year, especially, went where we wanted to go. My thought was, ‘I want to go out and battle with these guys again and try to get where we really want to get. That was my thought process about returning to the Yankees.”

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Tanaka had a rather inconsistent season. The ERA was up and so were the home runs. In 2016 he gave up 22 home runs, this past season that went up to 35. He battled through it and got himself back on track at the end of the season and in the postseason. That was the guy we knew he could be and I think is motivated to get back there.

I like where Tanaka's head is at right now. He seems determined and ready to get back to winning with new faces of Aaron Boone calling the shots and Giancarlo Stanton in the outfield. It's going to be a good season, hell I think a great season.

So at least for right now it's not all about the money. It's all about Tanaka and a World Series Ring. It's sounds like Tanaka is ready.....and so are we.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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