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When I'm at work, I'm at work, unless my wife calls. Unless my kids text me, and then I hone in on what's going on with them.  My family is my life and that's always been where my head's at.

My oldest son text me this afternoon...

"Dad. Lincecum to the Rangers." 

All he does is watch baseball highlights on his phone, plans games that we need to go to during the baseball season and not only that... he plays baseball and trains like mad.  It's all he thinks about.  I love it.  I also love that he was able to text me the moment the Lincecum news broke. He likes 'the Freak' and so do I. I think secretly both of us wanted Timmy to come to the Yankees after his recent  showcase.  But that didn't happen....

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NJ.com writes:

"UPDATE (3:43 p.m. ET): Yahoo Sports' Jeff Passan reports Tim Lincecum is talking to the Texas Rangers about a one-year contract..."

In fairness to all these baseball insiders, I think it was Jeff Passan and Jon Heyman who dropped the info first on Twitter. So give credit where credit is due. That being said, it appears to be a fit for both Tim and the Rangers. Heyman did say this as well...

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"The former San Francisco Giants star has received very strong interest from the rival Los Angeles Dodgers, Texas Rangers and a few others, and it's said he's preparing to fly to Arizona, so all the finalists train there. The Dodgers and Rangers are among teams that are willing to give Lincecum a major league deal. "

There you go and obviously a major league deal was a must for Tim. Can't blame him. Plus. it appears there was no East coast team 'in' for Lincecum or at least on his wish list.  Well... it was fun to think about at least. Plus, I don't think the Yanks would give the guy a major league deal anyway. Whatever... still fun, right?

Good luck to the Freak.

Love that guy. Also... a big thanks to my son.

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