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I loved when David Robertson was on the Yankees the first time.  Then he went off and signed with the White Sox and in the baseball world... hey, that's business.  Deal with it.  Sure, fans get mad and all of that, but when the Yankees got David Robertson back last season, something significant happened. DRob was a force.  He was a better, more mature, more composed pitcher. 

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We saw a guy who got alittle experience outside the Bronx bubble, and came back a better athlete. I swear!  That's what I thought at least.  Look, I loved having DRob back.  He's perfect for our pen and I don't want him to go.  That being said, I found this nugget by Jon Morosi very interesting and wanted to point it out. and brought to us by NJ.com. Check it out:

"In the eyes of Jon Morosi of MLB Network, that means a current veteran could have to be traded in order to clear payroll room in the Bronx. Jacoby Ellsbury is the natural name to bring up, but Morosi adds another: David Robertson. 

Instead, sources say the Yankees' tentative plan allows for another $15 million in spending this offseason -- unless Cashman frees up additional payroll by trading reliever David Robertson or outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury. To do something extensive -- like signing Moustakas -- would involve sending away a large contract, and Ellsbury's is a popular choice among Yankees supporters. But it's been difficult for the Yanks to move Ellsbury, given his disappointing offensive numbers and large salary."
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The idea of shaking Ellsbury loose has pretty much been established here at BYB.  It's time for Ells to move on.  DRob? Absolutely not.  In this world of starting pitching going 5 to 6 innings a game, a guy like David Robertson is the most important part of that Yankee pen.  And yes, we need to keep him.  Don't you think?

Here's David and Erin on our Bleeding Yankee Blue shirt.  Love these 2.

And I love DRob in pinstripes...

Stay tuned.

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