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Yahoo Sports is reporting that the talks between the Pirates and Yankees for Gerrit Cole are heating up. Now everyone is writing about it.

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We've been alittle hesitant here at BYB just because we just don't know the specific details about any of it. 

From what we gather the names floated from the Yankees are everyone from Gleyber Torres, to Estevan Florial to Clint Frazier, and NO, it wouldn't be all of them. For all we know... IT MAY NOT BE ANY OF THEM... and that's what drives us crazy.  We can't truly pinpoint the names until a deal is done. 

Hand it to Cashman though... he's trying not to deal away our really good prospects, and that is why this deal is still lingering and not at completion.

Here's the New York Daily News with their latest:

(Sept. 28, 2017 - Source: Patrick McDermott/Getty Images North America)
"The Yankees’ pitching rotation is close to entering a Cole new world. Gerrit Cole will likely be a Bomber come next season as the Yankees and Pirates are “working on a deal,” according to Yahoo Sports.

An agreement has not yet been reached but it’s “a matter of when rather than if,” according to the report. It’s not clear whom the Yankees would have to send Pittsburgh in return for Cole, but FanRag Sports reports that the Pirates want Gleyber Torres, the top prospect in baseball.

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The Yankees, on the other hand, are trying to build a package for the Pirates centered around Clint Frazier, who, thanks to the Giancarlo Stanton acquisition, is now quite expendable."

That's all folks.  That's all I have for you. Why? Because of all days, today I have a day off to actually START my Christmas shopping.  And so, I won't be making calls, sending emails or texts to try and get you answers as to who the Yankees may flip for Cole. You're just gonna have to wait like me.

Sorry. I have worked my ass off this year.  Turmoil with jobs, a lot of hustle and bustle with my kids and sports and my wife now more busy than I. Today I can't do the "baseball insider" digging thing.

Today I need to be around to make my family happy on Christmas morning... with Santa's help of course.

If anything develops with Cole, we will tell you.  For now... this is the latest.

Happy Friday.

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