Tuesday, December 26, 2017


There have been many firsts here at BYB, and I am sure many more to come. Here's a new one for me....writing on Christmas Eve night. We are all about "family first" here so this will be somewhat short and sweet.

I've come across two new firsts here, one personal and one more baseball reflective. On this Christmas Eve I have a new personal first. I hope all of you who do celebrate this day have a truly amazing Christmas filled with wonderful memories with your friends and loved ones. The holidays are a very special time of year. For me, this is a Christmas like no other.

For those of you who do read our blog regularly you may know that I got engaged earlier this year and I will be getting married very shortly (holy cow, I just looked at the calendar and counted days) so of course as I journey into married life traditions are starting to change.

For the first time in my entire life I will be spending Christmas away from both of my parents and instead am celebrating in California with my fiance's family. It's weird having my parents all the way in New York and not doing our traditional family things. Instead, I am creating new memories with my in-laws. I grew up an only child and have no children of my own yet, so for the first time I get to see the excitement of Christmas and Santa Claus through the eyes of my adorable two year old nephew. I can't wait to see his eyes light up as he opens his presents. It's just a real example of how life is all about changes.

And as I sit back and watch my nephew open up what is under the Christmas tree instead of thinking about things I have or for big moves that the Yankees will make....I have a new experience of wishing for one thing that WON'T happen to the Yankees. The Gerrit Cole talks have been going on for what feels like months now. I am all for adding some more pitching. You can never have too much of it right? It's true....but it can come with too much of a cost.

I have nothing against Cole per-say. I do have some concerns, but all players come with them. If the Yankees can add him then that's great but only if they continue with the path they have been on which is maintaining their strong farm system. The Yankees are going to have to give some guys up to get him there's nothing new with that but....there is one name that should absolutely be off limits here.

Kim Klement / USA Today Sports
A lot of people are high on Cole, and likewise I am equally high on Chance Adams. The Pirates want Clint Frazier and that's no surprise and considering our outfield depth I am okay with that, finally. Realistically, there's no immediate place for him right now. Adams on the other hand is ready for his shot and just like I said....you can never have enough pitching. I really think Adams is going to be something special and I think Cole for Adams AND other players are too much. I'm high on Adams, and not yet sold on Cole. I hope Cashman sticks to his guns.

Kim Klement / USA Today Sports
We've had a great off-season so far and ultimately I hope that Adams sticks around. My Christmas would be even better if the Yankees kept Adams in pinstripes. If Cole's price tag includes Adams then I just don't want him.

But for the time being I have a feeling that Cashman won't be working on this today, at least I hope not. Business can wait, today is all about reflection and time with friends and family.

From all of us at BYB, we wish you all a Merry Christmas. We're signing off for the day and you should too.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @nyprincessj

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