Saturday, November 11, 2017


This is just getting weirder and weirder.  ABC News er... Buster Olney of ESPN, is reporting that Aaron Boone, the 3rd baseman that helped the Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox back in 2003 with his historic home run is one of the candidates for our new manager. 

Allen Kee/Getty Images
If I had to flip a coin between Wedge and Boone, I'd pick the coin.  What are the Yankees doing?

Buster Olney writes:

"Aaron Boone...among the candidates to be the Yankees' next manager, according to sources. An interview has not yet been scheduled.  The only candidate to interview for the job thus far is longtime Yankees coach Rob Thomson, who met with team executives for between five and six hours Wednesday."

Now Buster is wrong about 1 thing, Wedge did interview with the Yankees yesterday making that 2, Thomson and he.  In fact, rumors are flying.  At one point mid-week there were as many as 20 managerial choices rumored to be part of the Yankees plan.  I was able to confirm that that number is down to 12... or Eleven.

Photo: Eleven from Stranger Things
This is Eleven. See what I did there?

The point is there are several choices, but not as many as other sports writers are saying.  I personally would love to see a guy like Tony Pena or Raul Ibanez at the helm, but I guess we wait and see.

And for now, Aaron Boone is yet ANOTHER name thrown out there.  Stay tuned.

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