Thursday, October 26, 2017


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The New York Yankees brass, a team that was in a building year, ask their manager to at least have a winning season in 2017... and Joe Girardi did that... AND MORE.

But that didn't matter.  Yankee brass, under horrible leadership milked Joe for all he had, even though in a building year he took his team to not only the Wild Card, but the through the landmines of the ALDS and ALCS.  The Yanks played against one of the toughest teams in baseball, the Cleveland Indians... and beat them.

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Then, he did something crazy. He took his young team, a bunch of energetic, young, mildly inexperienced players in Judge and Sanchez, Severino and Didi... Castro and Bird... well... you get the idea and he molded them to be winners once again.

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He headed with them into the ALCS, and was literally 1 game away from a World Series.  But he fell short.  Guess what? That's not a reason to not ask Joe to return.  That's a reason to bring Joe back.

The Yankees asked Joe not to come back as manager of the New York Yankees today. It's crap. It's total crap.

It's wrong. It's unfair and it's clearly a choice that will create anger and infighting among Yankee brass behind the scenes. Many fans are outraged, even though, some thought Joe tinkered a lot.  In the end, this season was a turning point, you like him or not, you kind of have to tip your cap to Joe for a job well done.

Say what you will about Joe Girardi... but one thing he was in the 10 years he was in the Bronx was... a fighter.

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Bleeding Yankee Blue will have extended coverage and opinion of this development. I am reaching out to many of our writers, past and present and asking them to each give their opinion on this development.  Why? Because all opinions matter, and the Yankees opinion just rocked the Bronx.

More to come.

Thank you Joe.

Be Read. Get Known.

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