Saturday, September 30, 2017


Business is business and while I personally don't like to see how Derek Jeter is handling the Marlins early on here, that's his business, and he doesn't care what I think... and to be honest, I know that after I wrote DEREK JERK-ER, neither do you.  But I have a platform and you don't.  Conversation and debate is healthy though.  My last Jeter headline was provocative, and you guys pounced on me like I pounced on DJ.  All good... as long as the convo is healthy and not hateful... I'm all in.  Thanks for the banter.

Here's the latest from Miami Herald:

"Jeter asked Samson to dismiss vice president of player development Marc DelPiano, assistant general manager Mike Berger, vice president/player personnel Jeff McAvoy and vice president/pitching development Jim Benedict. All were informed by Samson in recent days."

But here's what got me next...

"Jeter has not informed manager Don Mattingly if he will be retained, but that is widely expected by members of the organization."

Now while this line doesn't say Donnie will be canned... there's no way of knowing until it happens. 

But then that got my mind starting to think about Jeet and the Core Four and the Yankee connection in Miami, if any, and wondering... would long time friend Jorge Posada be a guy that Jeet would hire for that clubhouse?  Gerald Williams?  Hell... what's Andy Pettitte doing these days?

I know Jeter wants to impress in Miami, and get a winning team and all of that, but I was annoyed originally when he canned all the former Marlins "icons" and Hall of Famers because for me, that was part of the charm and marketing of the Marlins.  Is Jeet gonna replace them with personalities or will it be more old white guys in charge? I wonder if Jorge is coming? I wonder if there is a meaning to his madness.

Who knows... I just find his new job interesting, and it's strange, but fun to watch.

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  1. Like you have stated it's business. DJ, is cleaning the swamp. I thinks that he will retains Hit Man. But we all need to be open minded. He's the BOSS!


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