Saturday, August 5, 2017


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Well... that's part of it...

Why is everyone trying to have a news story asking the question of "What is wrong with Aaron Judge?"  I hate that garbage.  We all know what's going on here! The question is, can he learn to adjust and train to overcome the breaking ball?  If he can, the kid will be fine. If he can't, he'll be known as Kevin Maas.   

Now I like this kid a lot and know what he's capable of, and I have a feeling that with his work ethic, he'll be fine and figure it out.  But for now, can we stop asking that ridiculous question?

Aug. 3, 2017 - Source: David Maxwell/Getty Images North America)
Nothing is automatic in this game.  The first part of the season was a question mark for every pitcher that faced him, because he really had no body of work in the Bigs, and they were trying to figure Judge out.  Well... now they have, and they're testing... they're testing real good.  And you know what? Judge is in a major slump because of it. has this about Alan Cockrell and what he's seeing in Judge as of late:

"Q: What have you seen out of Judge lately?

A: I think they’re pitching him tough. I think he was put in a lot of onus on himself to try to come up big and carry us in big situations and you can only do what the pitcher will let you do.
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