Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Kim Klement-USATSI
There are a lot of things that Brian Cashman could have done. He could have given away top Yankee prospects that were valuable to the Yankees right now, but he didn't. He could have given away Clint Frazier, Aaron Judge, Luis Severino to upgrade the Yankees starting rotation... but he didn't. He could have flipped Gleyber Torres or Chance Adams, but no.  Cashman stuck to his principles, his commitment to strengthening the Yankees farm, all while keeping the Yankees as competitive as possible right at this moment. 

I mean sure, losing guys like James Kaprielian and Jorge Mateo and Dietrich Enns hurts, because we all wanted to see these guys flourish in pinstripes. But look... you can't get quality pitching and upgrade your existing team without giving away some prospects. And when you look at it,  guys like Dustin Fowler and James Kap are hurt anyway, and we still were able to unload them for a kid like Sonny Gray.
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I'm not sure what type of potion or shell game Cashman played with 'friend' Billy Beane, but it was pretty damn incredible to see how that played out.

Sonny Gray is a good, solid, strong pitcher and he's young.  He could be truly great in the Bronx.  Add him to Sevy and the rest of our crew... and throw in a guy like Jaime Garcia, and Brian Cashman is a friggin' boss.

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Upgrading a very weak part of our team, as he promises to not give away the likes of Justus Sheffield and company.  It's brilliant and it makes me happy.

Will Gray help take us to the World Series? Who knows. I do know he's solid and will do great things in New York, and we needed him. We needed him real bad.

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Many hate Brian Cashman.  They feel like he doesn't do what we need to help our team win and stay competitive.  While I used to get angry at Cash, I noticed about 3 years ago a significant change in his style.  He went back to the days of Stick. He realized that our farm didn't have the talent that we needed and so, he found it last year and really started to build us up.  And for the first time in a while, we had kids come up ready for the Bigs. 

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Judge. Bird. Sanchez. Frazier. Severino.  It's a wonderful thing to watch the kids work out the kinks and succeed in the Bigs.  It's outstanding actually.

And now we have to pieces of the puzzle to move forward... that's the bottom line here.  Our starting rotation has been strengthened.  Our pen... strengthened. We have some extra power in the hitting department, and we did it without giving away top quality, Bigs-ready talent.  It's genius.... and it's exciting, because it shows me that yes, the Yankees are building for the future, but we're not interested in letting 2017 slip away either.

That's a solid GM folks... you better be finding Cashman's email address right about now... because he deserves a 'thank you' note.  I'm writing mine now....

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