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What's going on with that other New York team? As of the writing of this post at least six Mets have been put on waivers, cleared and are eligible to be traded. Many players clear waivers. Some clear because management considers the player to be less valuable than his contract while others because it is a waste of time or energy. The Mets entered Sunday with a 49-59 record, 15 games behind in the NL East so they are ready to move on.

So as the Mets look ahead, are they ready to move on with some of their big names and heavy hitters? Possibly. Now that Curtis Granderson, Yoenis Cespedes and Jay Bruce could be moved, is it likely that they will be moved or just pull them back off of waivers and keep them? While two of them are of no interest to the might be.

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Jay Bruce could be an interesting pick up. He makes sense for the Yankees in a lot of different ways:

1) adds another lefty

The Yankee lineup leans heavily to the right side. Now that Jacoby Ellsbury is an expensive bench player and Chase Headley is also inconsistent the Yankees have few options. Until Aaron Hicks comes back and assuming Greg Bird does make a return this season the lineup is pretty unbalanced. Adding Bruce gives the lineup more length and certainly the ability to build a more strategic lineup.

2) Bruce could mash in Yankee stadium

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Believe it or not, Bruce is among the 2017 Home Run leaders you can see for yourself HERE. Along with his 30 home runs he also has 75 RBI's so he's having a very good season. His pull happy swing would be a big benefit in Yankee stadium. The short porch would see some action and that would be nice to see. He could give a nice little kick to a very lackluster offense we have seen lately.

3) He adds a first base / DH option

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Now that Matt Holliday is on the DL (again) the Yankees could add not only another good bat, but they can play him as a DH or let him fill in at first base. He's done it multiple times this season and it gives the Yankees another interesting lineup option. Despite the recent good news about Greg Bird back in his rehab phase and possibly being back by September the Yankees can't count on that now. First base is still a concern and we still need more production from it.

4) He is consistent

He is a power hitter with 20-plus homers in all but one season since 2008, and is on pace to blow past his career high of 34 this season and has averaged 96 RBI's a season. Sign me up.

5) Mets want to free up a spot to their best prospect

Sandy Alderson is rumored to be anxious to get the Mets best prospect Dominic Smith a spot on the roster. Trading Bruce away allows the Mets to get younger and give their first baseman of the future a taste of big league action.

How likely is it that the Yankees could get Bruce if they wanted? Who knows, but it might be a long shot. The Mets weren't ready to trade with the Yankees for Lucas Duda at the deadline so who knows why that would change now. Not only that, it is rumored from Bob Klapisch that Hal Steinbrenner has been firm with Brian Cashman about spending money now that the trade deadline has passed: the payroll is frozen for the remainder of 2017. Read more on that HERE.

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If payroll isn't an issue, Bruce would still have to waive his no trade clause that blocks a move to the Yankees. It's rumored that he would waive it to go to a contending team.....and the Yankees are just that. The AL East is still very winnable and who doesn't like winning?

So could the Yankees land Bruce? Maybe.....who knows. Anything is possible in baseball.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor 
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  1. Evidently, she has not been keeping up with Headley. He only had one bad month and is hitting over .300 over the last month.


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