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Everybody wants to be a star.  I guess Heyman can't help himself.

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We all want Giancarlo Stanton on the New York Yankees, don't we? I mean, it would be cool to see Aaron Judge and Stanton in the same lineup, wouldn't it? Well... Jon Heyman knows this.  And Jon Heyman, who, I guess is struggling with that FanRag Sports website over there... has decided to go off the reservation... perhaps going a bit rogue... and planting seeds just to get the ol' Yankee fan base riled up.

I made my calls yesterday. I checked with my bud who pretty much knows a lot about the inner workings of the Yankee organization, and he assured me there is no "real" check in with the Yankees.  If anything he says... it's a courtesy call... followed by a "no, we're not giving away the farm from Giancarlo... and a hang up." His words. Nothing more... no meetings... no nothing.  That's because there is nothing to this story and I guess Jon Heyman's clicks are more important than the integrity of his reporting.  But we at BYB aren't the only ones who have done solid research to figure this out....

Sports Illustrated dug in too with more, and sourced Jim Bowden from Sirius XM saying the whole thing was crap... much like me:

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"Did they or didn't they check in? FanRag Sports' Jon Heyman reported on Saturday that the Yankees were one of the teams that recently inquired about Stanton, but a day later, SiriusXM's Jim Bowden reported that the rumor was false. "

In fact there are nearly 7 teams who have at least called or been attached to the Marlins or are thinking about Stanton on their team, be it more fantasy than reality... all of them knowing that the contract that's attached to him is ridiculous.  And for the Yankees to truly "want" Stanton, all you need to do is say 2 words... Jacoby Ellsbury.  That contract is terrible and it's no where near Stanton's.

Even Joe Giglio of NJ.com has this:

"Marlins people have said that Stanton isn't "out there" on the trade market, but that hasn't stopped at least "four or five" teams from checking in while the Marlins shop several other players."

The point is, with the rumor season swirling... just read everything and trust me... don't read only Jon Heyman.  You'll get screwed every time.

Look, if there's one thing I know being a respected writer over these years (since 2010 at BYB)... it's integrity in reporting is vitally important.  You want to get it right, not first. 

The rumor season is silly, because it gets away from those principles.  And if you notice... many of these baseball insiders aren't right.  They float garbage.  Then... if a deal DOES go down, whatever it is, usually not what they originally reported, they jump on that story and get off their wrong story as "oh well... no one will notice".  Well, I notice.

In the end, they still report something, but they fall over each other as if to be first.  In reality, the final "Deal" is not the deal they originally tweeted... it's another one... but they act as if they knew it all along.  That's the rumor season... and that's stupid.

If Giancarlo Stanton came to the New York Yankees, it would be amazing... but not with that contract, and NOT without giving away everything we have built in the Yankees farm system. I find it interesting that I cannot find another solid source on this story and it's my opinion that this whole thing is BS.  My opinion of course. 

It just makes zero sense. It's stupid and Heyman's banking on you being stupid.

Heyman gets the egg on the face photo... exclusively from BYB.

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  1. The whole thing is stupid. First, Stanton is clearly jealous of Judge, and his massive ego would cause trouble in the clubhouse. Second, Cashman would never trade away the farm. Third, his contract is ridiculous. Fourth, they want to get under the luxury tax threshold. No chance in hell.


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