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There are many prospects at the Triple A level ready to perform in the Bigs for the New York Yankees. Why Ronald Herrera, a double A pitcher? Why now? No one knows...

Look, I'm not saying I don't want the kids promoted, bring it! I'm just saying there are others that have been chomping at the bit and others that we've been talking about right here at BYB, willing, able and longing to be up in the Bigs.  I'm seriously not getting this. The only thing I can think of is they are showing off Herrera as part of a July package to ship off at the deadline.  Well, all it shows is that he's a pitcher, and he lost the game for the Yanks.   Whatever man... the Yanks lost.

The New York Post writes:

"...after Michael Pineda grinded through an ugly beginning to give the Yankees six innings, and with the game tied at 5-5, Girardi turned to the 22-year-old Herrera for a most high-leverage introduction to the big time.

'That’s really what I had,' Girardi said. 'Obviously, we’ll get some guys tomorrow. But that’s what it was today.' 

Thanks to Tuesday night’s 11-inning loss to the Angels in which Sabathia departed after the fourth and a Sunday “bullpen day” victory over the Orioles in which starter Chad Green recorded only six outs, Girardi felt compelled to rest Green (who could start Saturday in Oakland as Sabathia’s replacement) Jonathan Holder, Chasen Shreve and Adam Warren. He might have turned to Tyler Clippard, who pitched the prior two nights, if the Yankees held a lead in the eighth, Girardi said. And closer Dellin Betances, who didn’t pitch but did warm up Tuesday, would’ve closed.

'I can’t ask Dellin to give me nine outs,' Girardi said. 'Maybe it was 2015 or ‘14, I could’ve done that.'”
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I'm not sure I'm buying this garbage from Girardi. I mean sure, it's all he had, but the decision to have him in the first place makes zero sense.

I feel bad for Herrera.  Not his fault, and while I appreciate the courage, I almost feel like it was a setup.

Chance Adams anyone?

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