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The "Dark Knight" has fallen again. Yes, I say again because it's not the first time that he has screwed up. This time he has earned himself a three game suspension and potentially a fine. You can read that HERE. You would think that by now he would've learned his lesson. I guess not. Apparently, after a third mistake the Mets have finally had enough of his crap, and it really is long overdue.

I will be the first to admit that I do not care for Matt Harvey. I never have. For the record, it has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the fact that he plays for the Mets. None. I've had that thrown at me a time or two since I have been writing for this blog. Truth is, I'm not a Mets hater. I intensely dislike two teams....and they aren't the Mets. Harvey could be pitching for the Miami Marlins and I would still feel the same exact way. The guy has a character issue, plain and simple.

I lost all respect for Harvey when he turned himself in a target back in September of 2015. The prima donna wouldn't commit to pitching beyond the 180 innings limit he had even with a playoff berth in sight. Yes, he just had Tommy John surgery and he was trying to protect his future with three years to go before free agency.....blah blah blah. We remember it well. We also remember him writing THIS on Derek Jeter's website trying to redeem himself. It's all just a bunch of Matt Harvey drama that nobody wants to hear about anymore. That inspired us to write NO ONE CARES ABOUT MATT HARVEY...EXCEPT MATT HARVEY and it didn't end there.

It went from bad to worse when Harvey made his another big mistake by missing a team practice when the Mets were preparing for the playoffs back in October of 2015. First he said he lost track of time "doing some things" and then he couldn't get his alibi straight and later said he got stuck in traffic, read that HERE. It's sad when you can't remember what you said to keep up with your lies. Give me a break.

Now here we are in a young 2017 season and now Matt Harvey doesn't show up to a game. Clearly, he had something better to do. Unprofessional much? He gets paid to pitch every fifth day, and even when it's not his turn he still has to be there just like everyone else. In fairness, the exact details for his failure to appear at Citi Field on Saturday are not known, and Mets Manager Terry Collins seems determined to keep details out of the media. We do know that he was suspended for "a violation of club rules" but it is rumored he missed the game due to a migraine (!) and the Mets aren't messing around anymore. When Harvey showed up on Sunday he was sent home, his start skipped and the rookie who filled in for him at the last minute didn't give them a win.

So now, Harvey has a mess to dig himself out of. Fans are even more upset with him (if that is possible), his organization is making an example out of him, and even his team mates like Jose Reyes are voicing their frustrations. It's gone too far when someone on your team gets vocal. Now Harvey has filed a grievance against the Mets and this soap opera only gets worse.

Here is a bit of advice for Harvey....not that he listens to anyone but himself because he is the great Matt Harvey and he only cares about Matt not file your grievance. It is time to stick your tail between your legs and say you are sorry (again). This time when you do, you give a SINCERE apology and show your team mates that you can be that guy they count on. You have the same goals as they do and you will be there for them. Next, give that same apology to Terry Collins, the rest of the coaching staff, Sandy Alderson and the fans (again).

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After you give your apology tour start acting like you mean it. Grow up, get over yourself, SHOW UP and be thankful that you get to play a kids game and get paid for it. Remember why you are here and why people know who you are, it's because you have talent - not because you are dating supermodel Adriana Lima. Stop making a spectacle of yourself!

It must be hard to be a Mets fan right now. The pitching rotation is supposed to be their strength, but when you have a headcase like Harvey on your team it turns into a giant weakness. It's guys like this that make me sick. He pisses away what he has and doesn't care....what a waste.

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor
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