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Memorial Day Weekend! It's the unofficial start of summer.  And what better way to celebrate than to watch baseball.  With the Yankees dropping one and winning one against the A's this weekend, we are hanging in there as the third best team in baseball.  But even more importantly than that, the Yankees and quite frankly all of baseball are attracting today's youth.  This is good.  This is something special.

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Like many families this weekend, we are on "vacation."  And it started off with a wiffle ball game at the beach, followed by talks about the Yankees, and then some Fox Sports baseball streaming with commentary from me for my young nephew, Matt, who just turned nine.  The featured game:  The Washington Nationals vs. San Diego Padres.  The Nats are the second best team in baseball and the best in the National League, much to the chagrin of my 20-year-old niece, a Met fan, Melissa.  She added to the conversation by screaming "Jason Werthless."  Yes, Jason Werth who is an arch enemy of the Mets got his second hit of the game. Our conversations went from who is Bryce Harper to wow he can hit, to is that really a double play to he was out at the plate (he was safe, actually).  Although Matt's dad is a Met fan (my brother), he is showing interest in the Yankees, and therefore life is good!  Let's get him to the!

Melissa waits for the Mets

The other generation of kids here with us include college and high school age darlings (not really) and these guys were equally engaged.  Apparently the Mets are on after the Nats, which is attracting my nieces and let's not forget my son, Chris, who not only writes for us here at #BYB but is a born Yankee fan.

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Chris and I discussed the idea that Austin Romine should catch for Masahiro Tanaka- every game.  Tanaka wins with Romine behind the plate- the numbers don't lie and although our offense did not put it together for a win yesterday, Tanaka threw 13 strike outs besting Catfish Hunter on the all time list.

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Then there is my mother, who is just shy of 75 who is a part of the conversation.  She watches the Yankees as much as I do and if the Yankees aren't on, she reminded my niece Melissa, she will watch the Mets.  Basically, if she is forced...hahaha!

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So as we head into the rubber game against the A's and later travel to Baltimore on Monday for the Memorial Day Classic at Orioles Park, it is good to know that baseball is on the menu for many folks including yours truly.  Enjoy the games, enjoy your family and keep the national pastime alive!

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