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There is this amazing air of excitement and confidence around Yankee fans these days, which is something I have not seen or felt since 2009.  Fans have been reaching out to me personally, saying things like, "The Yankees are unbelievable."  "Some comeback win last night." "I don't remember feeling like this about the Yankees in years." I second all of these sentiments.  This team, as our BYB leader Robert Casey said so eloquently in a post on Saturday, is something special.  The Yankees are happening this April and the biggest reasons why are to follow.

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Reason 1-Aaron Judge:  Not just because of his bat or his hustle in right field and on the base paths, but because of the charisma he adds to the team.  He makes the word "team" explicit in his post game interviews like I haven't seen since Derek Jeter retired almost three years ago.  I am almost more excited to see his post game interview than I am to see him play during the game.  With 10 home runs in first 20 games...Almost...

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In an interview with the NY Post after the win on Friday night, team leader and veteran, Matt Holliday had this to say about Judge, "He's probably the most gifted baseball player I think I've ever been around," Holliday said. "I mean, he's 6-foot-8, 275 pounds. He moves really well in the outfield. I'm not saying he's going to be the greatest player who ever played, but as far as when the guy hit a 97-mph fastball that was a line drive that the shortstop jumped for and it went off the fence ... He can do things that I haven't seen and I've played a long time."

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Reason 2-Matt Holliday: As much as Judge makes the word "team" explicit in his post-game interviews, Matt Holliday's leadership in almost invisible to the naked eye.  But when you focus in closer, you see a guy who knows the game, knows young kids (having four of them of his own) and knows how to motivate and empower young players.  According to the Post, Judge had this to say about his new mentor, "It's amazing," Judge said. "I look up to Holliday, watching his career and how he's played. What he's done for this game on and off the field has been pretty amazing. To hear that from someone like him is pretty awesome."

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Reason 3-Masahiro Tanaka: According to ESPN, "On Thursday, Tanaka allowed three hits and struck out just three, becoming the first Yankees starter to have that combo against the Red Sox since Jim Bouton in 1963."  Tanaka has been reflective of his poor outings and indicated that these reflections are helping him improve. He has talked about these reflections during his post game interviews since the start of the season.  He reviews the recordings of his body and work and makes decisions about how he can make changes.  If we are in the midst of his continuous improvement, we are in for a real treat come May and June.  What I like about Tanaka is that he is in fact interested in re-watching his games with a keen eye for change and wants to always go out there with something more the next time.

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Reasons 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...the team itself.  The Yankees are in fact an incredible body of individuals who are motivated to win, even when the runs are mounting against them.  They are not shutting down. They are rising up with the likes of Jacoby Ellsbury who is batting clean up and earning that revered place in the line up.  Austin Romine who has been invaluable to us.  In Saturday's game he had an incredible five RBIs. Starlin Castro who is one of the top hitters on the club.  Didi Gregorius who is back and he means it offensively and defensively. The guy looks great.  The Yankees have options, unlike seasons' past.  Ronald Torreyes who is batting .308 is being reinstated as a utility player with Gregorius back in the lineup.  Guys, we have options.  This is new.  This hasn't been the case in years.

What we are seeing folks are the Yankees as a team, making it happen this first month of the long season.  As I told a fan in a tweet earlier this weekend:

With just over five months of regular season baseball left, be patient my friends, but if April is any indication of good things to come, sweeping the Red Sox and beating down the O's will be something we do routinely and confidently as the season progresses.


--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof

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