Thursday, March 23, 2017


This is just a quick note to all of you as we embark on 5 million clicks here at Bleeding Yankee Blue;  We love you, we thank you for your incredible support and we'd never be here without you. That's the truth. BYB is the little engine that could and you are the fuel folks.

So much has happened in Yankeeland since the first day we wrote a story for all of you back in September 2010.  The Yankees got younger, BYB writers have come and gone, some have had babies... some have gotten chubby (that's me), some have gotten engaged...

Congratulations Jeana! And some have really become truly excellent writers. That's all of them. My group of writers kicks ass!

Ultimately, I'm happy.  I am also very happy to announce that BYB will be working with Tee Public to help sell our merchandise and ship it too!  Now look, we have NOT gone commercial! I didn't sell out like Metallica! OK! The merchandise on our Website, HERE, the original women's tanks, the Casey shirts, the sports performance tees.

They are all still on sale in the BYB store.  But as they sell out, I just may restock less as we try this new project. So you ask... WHY Casey? Why are you doing this?

The truth is my family unit is overwhelming right now with kid sports and work schedules and all of that.  In short, I needed help, and Tee Public provides it for me.

The Tee Public Bleeding Yankee Blue store is HERE and there is a wide selection of items, much more than I could have ever provided by myself.  We have everything now, from men and women shirts, to women's tanks, kids shirts, sweatshirts.

But that's not all. They have laptop cases, phone cases, mugs, travel mugs, onesies.  It's serious stuff, the quality is great. Plus, the color selections are Ridonkulous.  Example below:

You have to check it out.  Here's the link again HERE.  And throughout this post are some photos on what we will be selling.

Now I'll be updating the BYB store with these items as well as the items I still have in our warehouse.  We'll make it pretty and easy for you to check out everything. But the bottom line is, with demand, comes the help I need to get quality items out to you faster. 

The products are solid.  You will like them, but I just couldn't do it alone anymore, and so, I got some help.

Please check out Tee Public and the Bleeding Yankee Blue Store there. Here's the link again. CLICK AND SHOP.

And yes, you can continue to shop at the original BYB Store as well.  HERE. Over time though, all those products in the original store will move over to Tee Public! It will make my life a helluva lot easier!

Don't worry... I got you covered.

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