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To see someone comeback from a devastating injury and to push himself or herself to get there is quite frankly one of the most awesome feats to witness.  You wonder, "What drives him to push harder or what makes her keep going?"  I'd like to lynch pin this discussion around people who push themselves and then I want to engage us in the battle of Greg Bird and why his success is our success.

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In order to become a stronger runner, I have to consistently include cross and strength training in my regiment.  Typically, runners just want to run, so understand that this is sometimes a struggle for me. But, I am learning to like it because of the athletes around me who push themselves.  Athletes and trainers like Bobbie who pushes us because of her own commitment to staying fit.  When she gets up at 4:30 a.m. to lead her Body Pump class and then comes back at 7:30 p.m. to do it all over again, she exemplifies the attributes of grit, resilience and persistence.  She too battled an injury to her calf muscle and she challenges us to "step out of our comfort zone" and do just a little bit more.  See, her success is our success and I can see that loud and clear.

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The same kind of grit is present in Greg Bird.  After suffering what could have been a career ending injury let alone missing the entire 2016 season, Bird battled back and his battle could pay off big dividends for him, his team and his overall career.  "Bird has been showing power at the plate with three home runs and five RBIs in 16 at bats. Girardi said his smooth swing reminded him a little of John Olerud. "You watch him swing, it's very relaxed," Girardi said. "He's got a very good eye and he hits to all fields," reported Yankee News on Tuesday.


It's hard to train and push yourself to improve when you aren't coming off a serious injury. With Bird it is a different kind of intensity. Add the fact that he plays for the most successful franchise in baseball and there is a mental pressure as well.  But Bird is positive and has his eye on the prize with every workout and every at bat.  "I learned patience and staying within the day, that’s a big lesson to learn in baseball,’’ Bird said. “It’s a lesson in a lot of different things, level-headedness, modesty, it can change quickly," the 24-year-old said this past weekend.

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“The results are great. I’ll take them, obviously. But I’m feeling good and feeling good the next day and the next day. It wasn’t like that for a long time.” That development has meant a lot to Girardi, who wanted to see how Bird was able to bounce back and has been pleased to see he has been able to recover", reported the New York Post after Bird beat up on the Boston Red Sox slugging two home runs in the game.


"A National League scout who has watched Bird since he was with Double-A Trenton in 2014 said he not only hits to all fields but also has power there. “I think in [Yankee Stadium], he can be a 30-home run guy,” the scout said. “He has power the other way," reported Newsday.  Greg Bird's success is not only his success but ours too.  He has his whole life ahead of him as a 24-year-old Baby Bomber.  It is exciting to watch him soar.

Another sign that #28 is within reach.

--Suzie Pinstripe
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