Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I hope he's funny...

No seriously this is great for Mark TeixeiraBronx Baseball Daily has the nugget. We'll give them a plug.  Check it out:

"ESPN reportedly hired Teixeira to be a baseball analyst during the 2017 season, which was the perfect career choice for him going forward.

'I couldn’t be more excited to begin this next chapter of my baseball career with ESPN,' Teixeira said in a statement."

Now Tex is a very smart baseball guy and so this is an awesome move.  But I have to be honest, I really hope he's able to bring some of that wit and humor he had with his Foul Territory series and I hope he doesn't try too hard and is a tight ass. He needs to stay loose. 

He should call the games as he sees them as an analyst and have some fun doing it, because it's my point of view that that is what is special about Mark Teixeira.

Congrats to him. He deserves this!

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