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(Sept. 1, 2015 - Source: Jim Rogash/Getty Images North America)    
I love the kids in the Yankee organization.  They are trained to speak correctly to the media.  I love Greg Bird. This kid had a wonderful pro start in 2015.  Sadly he was sidelined in 2016, but he's coming back now and my guess is he will be the first baseman for the Yankees. 

(Sept. 17, 2016 - Source: Dylan Buell/Getty Images North America)
But then the Yankees signed Chris Carter and really threw a wrench in the whole thing.   Now I'm not getting into specific detail on what will happen between the 2 of them and Tyler Austin this season.  There's only 1 first base, and Managing Editor Jeana Bellezza will have a pretty good piece on what she thinks will happen tomorrow morning... look for it on BYB.

For now, I just wanted to share portions of this great Newsday piece by Erik Boland on how excited Bird is for Chris Carter.

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"...the 24 year old said Wednesday, he welcomes it. Regardless of the two playing the same position.

'We’re excited to have him, honestly,' Bird said. 'It’s another bat, and a good bat, and I think he can bring a lot to the table. I think it’s good for our team and I’m excited to meet him.'

Photo: Getty Images
Whether he is really excited we will never know, but I love the attitude and I think in the back of his mind, it's a veteran in this game that can really help him out! One thing that is great about this Yankee team is that nice mix of veterans and kids.  A lot of learning will happen this season.

Anyway... I just wanted to share that.  Nice piece Boland!

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