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I don't hate anyone.  Let's get that out there right now. I can't run a website about the Yankees and baseball and introduce life lessons into it... preach to 'be nice to each other' and then go out hating everyone. It's not me, it's not what we do.

Bleeding Yankee Blue DOES root for our team though, and sometimes when we do it, we poke the players that were and ARE Yankee killers. We don't swear at them, we don't wish ill on them... we state our piece, offer our opinion, sometimes not as flattering as some would expect, and we let them know it's happening.  It's the blog world.  But one thing we are not, and will never do is troll.  This world is way too complicated for that shit and the last thing anyone needs is someone threatening another on the Internet and making them feel uncomfortable.  That's how I feel... you may disagree and that's OK.

Curt Schilling is a sarcastic son of a gun and was responding to Bleeding Yankee Blue's piece today by Jeana Bellezza. It was titled NO HALL OF FAME FOR YOU.  I sent it to him. Hell, I'm not gonna be the boss of this operation and not let someone know were talking about them behind their back. I would rather not be a sneaky bitch and instead, start a dialog.

Curt didn't like it, and so, the dialog became.

Now truth be told, I have no problem with Curt Schilling other than he can be ultra abrasive on Twitter and has admitted that.  He's "that guy" and said on Dan Patrick today that him being so vocal about everything has probably kept him out of the Hall of Fame recently.  He mentioned the fact that if these writers are gonna gauge character after his playing days, that's not exactly when that character clause should be exercised.  While many don't agree with that... I do. 

The truth is, Schilling was a good pitcher, played well with some great teams and I think Curt Schilling should be in the Hall of Fame. I've always thought that because of the competitor he was.  He was damn good.  He was more than good, he was a Yankee killer and I will go as far as I think he probably should have even been considered last year.  Before you jump down my throat, that's just how I feel. I don't need to debate numbers with you and all of that...don't bother. I feel like he's done enough to even "squeak" in... if you don't think so... I do. Sorry. And for the record, I'm not a fan of Curt Schilling... I do however respect the grind.

The reaction to Bellezza's piece today was insanity over all. I wanted to share some of the comments today.  Enjoy portions of these, they are good comments and I appreciate you guys always commenting.

Section 36 (Of the BYB Hub) said:

"I have always said that Schilling didn't have the numbers to be a Hall of Famer. The only reason I could see for why he'd ever be elected is his good relationship with the media. So, I don't see his current bad relationship with them as "hurting" his chances. It's simply canceling out the overhype and slotting him where he should have been in the first place. A good, but not great, pitcher who gets around 50% of the vote. Like Mussina."

Whitehorse67 said:

"You site his Character, integrity and sportsmanship as negatives. Well, I happen to admire his character and integrity. He has the stones to stand up for what he believes and doesn't back down ..."

Steve B said:

"This is where the sports writers make a stand against Schilling's poor character and lack of integrity based on the HOF induction criteria... he's stubborn and seems to lack the empathy and compassion."

Look, in the end, being kind wins... it really does. And I'm not gonna lie, I want to interview Curt Schilling... asking about baseball only. 

I have a million questions for the guy because the guy has played with the best and seen so much in this game. And so, this is an open invitation Curt....

Consider it... like I tweeted you today.  You know where to find us.

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