Sunday, January 1, 2017


Small nugget here but a good one if you loved Mike Pagliarulo as much as I did growing up.  He will be the hitting coach for Don Mattingly in Miami with the Marlins!

Photo: MLB
Who's next, Danny Pasqua as the bench coach? Bring it bitches... I love reunions and nostalgia.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe writes:

Photo: New York Daily News
"Mike Pagliarulo grew up in Medford loving the Red Sox, but he ended up playing for the Yankees after attending the University of Miami. So being named Marlins hitting coach has been somewhat of a homecoming. He’s replacing Barry Bonds....Pagliarulo will bring analytics to his teaching approach....Pagliarulo said he will emphasize hitting with runners in scoring position. Pagliarulo thinks that’s more of a team concept that he’ll address in spring training.

As for being a hitting coach in the majors, Pagliarulo said, 'My thought is, it feels like it’s where I belong. It’s one of my coaching goals.'"

Good for him. 

Notice those words... "emphasize hitting with runners in scoring position."  Hey Girardi... you listening?

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