Friday, January 13, 2017


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Look, I have no idea if Tyler Austin is, or can be a true third baseman. I have no idea is he was ever in that territory in his career other than with Staten Island.

I do know if you put your mind to something, you can accomplish it. But it's about opportunity too. I also know Tyler's a good hitter, he works his tail off and has played the outfield and first base more.  But in a conversation with my son, now 14 years old, he was ripping on Chase Headley pretty good on "being done" last night. He suggested that because Austin is so hungry to play and pretty much willing to do whatever it takes to stay in the Bigs, my son asked me, "Could Tyler Austin at third base be a possibility?"

My answer wasn't what he wanted to hear... I said, "I don't know."

"I should write about it and pose that question to the BYB audience," I said.

"Sure, whatever," He said as he put his head by down into his phone watching another baseball highlight video off YouTube. He moved on...

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But here's the truth, it's a smart question. I have no idea if the Yankees have thought about. I'm sure they have, but again, I don't even know if the Yankees would try. Should they? I think so.

I do know this... Rob Refsnyder's around and just as hungry to stay with the Yankees big team as Austin.

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I also know that Ronald Torreyes is bad ass and can easily handle that spot. But the Yankees want Torreyes to be on the bench for any position they need him on any day. 

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We also have Miguel Andujar, who, we all know is almost ready, but not yet.  (Read Dan Lucia's piece today about Andujar by the way. YANKEE PROSPECT WATCH: MIGUEL ANDUJAR. It's great.)

Many questions, but a very interesting one from my kid about Austin. I am glad my kid is so engaged in the game these days, and I love that he went for it asking me about that. I don't have the answer, but I ask you, and I hope you'll be respectful... is that is good idea? If so, if not, tell me. Comment.

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My kid has a fondness for Tyler Austin.  My son recently became very good and smart hitter. A tiny part of that progress stems from something that Tyler Austin said to him in our interview with him a while back. Check out this exchange:

"BYB: My son plays Little League all year round. He's a lefty. He's developed a habit where he pulls everything, and I mean everything down the 1st base line and usually always foul.  If you’re his coach, what are you telling him to do to adjust to hit up the middle? 

Tyler Austin: I would advise him to shift his hands and always think left center."

Hey Tyler... it's working! Gotta love it.

Happy Friday everyone.

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