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Not literally. He won't be playing for another team and given his new gig as a special adviser I guess you could argue he never really left....but he is looking to help others who have. Watch out world, if the rumors are true Alex Rodriguez will go from baseball star to reality TV star?!

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised here but according to the New York Post HERE CNBC has chosen to run a pilot possibly called "Back in the Game" aimed to help former athletes who have gone broke adjust to their new life and get back on their feet again and ARod is going to be the great mentor. We all knew that he always liked to be in the spotlight. He was a good clubhouse guy and he knows the world of sports but....a reality TV star?

I guess I am just having a hard time seeing it. ARod as an analyst on Fox? That worked for me. He was in his element and he had chemistry with the other analysts and just looked comfortable on camera. Talking about the sport he loves so much was natural for him but this pilot that CNBC wants to pitch I just don't know.

I guess in the ultra competitive world of reality TV it is a "fresh" concept but it certainly seems to have a limited number of subjects to base the show around and who knows if any of these former stars would want to be associated. ARod may have been a good clubhouse guy for the Yankees but he still has a controversial past.

There is no doubt that ARod can help guide someone through the life of baseball but what about former Hockey stars? Tennis players or track and field stars? I have a hard time seeing exactly what he can offer. Not to mention that so far the shows seems to paint ARod as a post sports world financial planner and life coach which seems pretty far fetched. ARod caught on as an analyst and a special advisor for the Yankees. It's a narrow field of experience, I don't know how that could be expanded to athletes from other sports who are now broke.

ARod may no longer be a competing athlete himself anymore, but it looks like he isn't ready to step out of the spotlight just yet.

Who knows if the pilot goes anywhere, but if it does we will be sure to keep you posted on any more rumors.

Oh case you are reading this I have a good potential star for your show. I know figure skating may not be your expertise but have you considered asking Tonya Harding to be on the show? I think you should, according to all of THIS it sounds like she may be up for some mentoring.

 --Jeana Bellezza
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