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Think about this for a second; don't we need pitching?

Jon Heyman writes in FagRag or FanRag or something, the following:

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"Encarnacion would be a big move, a big expense, but obviously the Yankees can afford such a big-ticket item. Other big hitters on the market include Yoenis Cespedes, Jose Bautista and Mark Trumbo, and the Yankees have been in touch with just about all the top hitters on a market full of them."
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He goes on to talk about how the Yankees are IN on big hitters and that is one of the main priorities for the Yanks. But logic will tell you that pitching is definitely needed, and so this idea of a cheaper alternative to a DH in Carlos Beltran makes a ton of better sense than Encarnacion. (Read THAT CARLOS BELTRAN REUNION IS REAL), whether we like the guy, or not.

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Because BYB readers are smart and have all sorts of opinions. I was taken and agree with whitehorse67 when this was written:

It's true. Something seems off for me, almost like the rumor is driven by Heyman with no real info, just a lot of 'click bait'.   Me and whitehorse67 agree.

And then there is just comments made just because folks don't like Beltran:

But as you can see, you need facts if you talk to us here at BYB.  'Damaged goods' Beltran is not.

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Whatever the case, I just don't know what to think about Encarnacion.  He could be a superstar in the Bronx... he could also be a dud. And yes, it's true, he could be a Red Sock if the Yankees don't sweep in to get him as well.  I am very, very curious what will happen. 

And how about this. Maybe, just maybe the Yankees sign both. Trust me, it's not out of the ordinary. Beltran a strict DH at this point. That's what he will do in the Bronx. 

Encarnacion could become the Yankee first baseman splitting some time with Greg Bird and all of them will offer power at the plate on any given day. And if Cashman does it smart, we can still get pitching... then everyone is happy.

We shall see.

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