Friday, November 18, 2016


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I just got off the phone with a friend...yup, my source. That rumor about Carlos Beltran possibly coming back to the Yankees?  It's very real.

Now, we've seen the report about Beltran and Yankees and a possible reunion.  Here's that story. Hardball Talk quotes Jon Heyman:

"New York is in the market for a designated hitter. There are a lot of options out there in that regard. To that end, Jon Heyman reports that they’re “seriously looking” at Carlos Beltran..."

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But there's more to it.  For 1, the 1 year deal they would like to offer would ultimately not only be it for Beltran and his baseball career, but it's a much cheaper deal than signing Edwin Encarnacion, and, as my source tells me "Beltran and the Yankees have an understanding that he wants to end his career a New York Yankee.  While the trade to the Rangers was business, ultimately the Yankees know Beltran can help their club as a DH, and in the end, he gets to finish his career in the Bronx."

And that's the nugget and the only nugget I have for you. But I can tell you this... no one else has it.  Thank god for my buddy.  You gotta love BYB right about now...

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Now... will this deal with Beltran happen?  Ultimately it's about the 2 sides getting together the try and hammer out a deal. But there's a humanity element in this deal, and ultimately, while Beltran won't come SUPER cheap for his services, a one year deal with Carlos works out a helluva lot better than 4 years, $55 million with Edwin.... you know what I mean?  After all, don't forget, the Yankees are stockpiling money for a Ardolis Chapman reunion too.

Stay tuned...

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