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As we approach the Winter Meetings scheduled to be held in National Harbor, Maryland, Dec. 4-8, at Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center, I am hopeful, as is the NY Post's Joel Sherman that Hal Steinbrenner and the front office team, "stay the course."  As defined by Wikipedia, the phrase "stay the course" means "to pursue a goal regardless of any obstacles or criticism."  The key word there is regardless.  We must keep to the plan, no matter the temptation, no matter the impulse to exit the path.

According to Sherman, "The Yankees are at mile 22 of the 26-mile rebuild marathon. They should finish that race."  That line is very familiar to me, a seven-time marathon finisher.  It means that even though your legs feel like jello, your mind keeps you in check and says finish what you started and finish it strong.

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"I think they need one more year to A) let the prospects grow both in the majors and minors to get a greater understanding of exactly what they need, and B) clear more money," Sherman says in his article on Saturday.  So guys like Aaron Judge and Greg Bird need a fair shake while CC Sabathia and Alex Rodriguez exit the payroll making room in the bank account for future free agents like Bryce Harper.

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It is a good plan and it is one we need to stay focused on while at the same time remain patient. There is no rush; it is not a sprint, it's a marathon and just because we are not jumping on big bats like Jose Bautista, doesn't mean we can't contend in 2017.

I remain optimistic about the Winter Meetings, where the Yankees can look around but not jump on anything impulsively.  The Yankees need to stay the course and finish what they have started.  More on the Winter Meetings later in the week- wish my fantastic editor would send me off to the DC suburbs so I can give you play by play of the Yankee's poker face at the meetings.  One can remain hopeful...

--Suzie Pinstripe
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