Wednesday, November 9, 2016


And as much as I don't want to give him up... I see a ton of great young talent in Houston and would love to make that deal!

Pinstripe Alley has this story:

"The Astros would be banking on him as a starting catcher, of course, in return for taking on his salary.  McCann has two years left on his five-year deal he signed with the Yankees, giving any possible future team a couple years to make a move with McCann in their lineup. The Astros are loaded with right-handed hitters in Jose Altuve, George Springer, and Carlos Correa, so McCann’s left-handed bat would be a nice compliment to that....

Would the Yankees be better off keeping McCann and using him as the DH, or trading him away for a return of players and having to dip into the piggy bank for a slugger this offseason?"

And honestly, that really is the question here.  I have said that having McCann's experience on the Yankees with young Sanchez is a huge plus.  And the dude can still hit, and if the Yanks are looking at guys like Edwin Encarnacion... why not just keep McCann?  I think his baseball brain and bat still work, plus, he can be there to give Sanchez a day off if need be.  I mean, Brian's not 50... he can still catch, just not as much as a young, nimble Sanchez.

But hell, if we could trade McCann to Houston, how much would you love to see a George Springer roaming right field in the Bronx or even have a Jose Altuve in pinstripes. 

And... would the Astros even be willing to do that deal?

Who really knows. I do know this... I'm torn about trading away McCann.  You gotta wonder if the Yankees really will.

More about this trade idea and more from Jeana Bellezza early tomorrow morning... look for it.

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