Monday, October 10, 2016


The Tribe went big tonight, huh?!

The Red Sox were swept in the ALDS, and I'm not gonna be a hater right now and say how much I love it.  I mean, Yes, I do love it, but the honest truth is, this is a Red Sox team that just didn't play as well as they actually are.  The Red Sox are good... but not in this series.

(In Photo: Cody Allen)

No one expected the Indians to sweep this series in three games. They did and that's a testament to the way Terry Francona manages this club.

I don't like the Red Sox... this is a fact. But I don't care for David Ortiz way more. I have never liked the way he's presented himself over the years.  The Red Sox are a good group of players, the fans are better people. On my many journeys to Fenway over the years, I've met some pretty great people. Many of them love Papi, because Papi gave life to the Sox over the years. But with that life, came arrogance and that's what I hated the most about David Ortiz.

Papi was a competitor, yes, but there is something very gratifying for me, a Yankee fan, seeing the Indians beat the Sox in their house on Papi's last season.

I feel for some of those truly great and respectful Red Sox fans I know. But I don't feel bad for Big Papi.  Finally...  Papi's been silenced.
Indians win.

Final: Indians 4 - Red Sox 3

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