Tuesday, October 11, 2016


I don't know what Alex Rodriguez is gonna do next... do you? I mean honestly... do you??

This story is floating around and I wanted to at least put it out there on BYB.  Chris LaDuca writes sports for the Chicago Sun Times and put this twweet out the other night when FOX Sports was talking about David Ortiz and his retiring.  Then Pete Rose asked ARod about it:
"Stay tuned". Now... what does it mean? Not much. I mean, Alex Rodriguez is no longer under contract with the New York Yankees.  He can be a commentator, he can play baseball again. Hell, he could be a Deli owner... he's free!

If he did come back to baseball and try to hammer out enough home runs to get to 700, why would that be a surprise? I mean the guy has an incredible work ethic, he clearly needed a break and now he can PERHAPS come back to another team next year... OR NOT by the way! Who really knows what Alex will do... and to be honest, who cares... the dude's free.

Anyway. I thought I'd share it. Enjoy your Tuesday.

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