Monday, October 31, 2016


Honestly, I'm not sure I'm a fan of this guy after Tommy John surgery, but I did find this nugget and I wanted to at least bring it to your attention.

Elite Sports NY writes: "That answer is Zack Wheeler, a man who has had his comeback from Tommy John surgery derailed multiple times. In other words, a low-risk, high-reward endeavor which can ultimately grasp one of the brightest young arms in the game — if it pans out.  

Sure, luring a 26-year-old, hard-throwing, absurdly talented right-hander from a crosstown foe will not be easy. Fortunately, both sides contractually own something the other truly wants.

In Brian McCann, the Yankees have a proven veteran backstop, and capable leader, who has been forced out of starting catching duties and into a permanent DH role due to the sudden emergence of Gary Sanchez. What is lack of assurance in starting pitching for the Yanks is a constant struggle at the catching position for the Mets."

Now while I do believe that the Mets need an upgrade in catching, I'm not so sure we're getting a solid return flipping Brian McCann to Flushing for Wheeler.  Wheeler is on the mend, we're really not sure what he can offer after Tommy John.  While McCann is no longer considered the starting catcher for the New York Yankees... his veteran experience and bat would be huge for the Yankees as they move forward, and no question McCann would embrace the role as a leader on our club.

Anyway, just a small nugget, not even sure if it's that important, but I wanted to at least share it and see what ya'll thought.

Carry on.

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