Thursday, September 8, 2016


The Yankees are 2 1/2 out of the Wild Card, 4 1/2 out of first place in the American League division.  If I told you we would be at this spot in the beginning of the season, you would have laughed at me.  That's because when folks told me the Yanks had a shot, I laughed at them. 

Now we are seeing a Youth movement... a movement Bleeding Yankee Blue has been begging for.  It's combination of kids and a few sprinkled veterans, much like 1995 and 1996, and it's working.  A Yankee fan base is now excited, especially after sweeping the Jays.  We love this and now look forward to the Rays.

The big hit last night came from Starlin Castro, a home run. But don't underestimate the resurgance of Brian McCann who had an RBI as well.  This guy has no pressure on him now that Sanchez is top dog, and so, he's doing the little things to contribute.  You gotta appreciate that.

And just like that, Bryan Mitchell got the win... Tyler Clippard saved it for his 2nd of the season and the Yankees swept and won last night.   And so now... bring on the Rays.

As McCann said last night, "We are 100 percent in the division race." You bet your ass they are.

Final: Yankees 2 - Jays 0

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