Thursday, September 15, 2016


I'm not about to give you a play by play about how good the Yankees looked tonight.  Bottom line, they looked great, Masahiro Tanaka was great, but I want to explain something that was quite obvious to me tonight as I saw Dellin Betances walk to the mound in the 9th inning at Fenway Park;  He wasn't confident. It was crystal clear to me at his first pitch... and it worried me. 

Betances didn't look confident when he came the mound. He didn't look confident when he walked Dustin Pedrioa and he looked lost when he threw that pitch to the hottest hitter in baseball Hanley Ramirez.  That's the bottom line and in baseball... that's when you know that there's a problem.

I saw the same look in Byung-Hyun Kim's face in the 2001 World Series when he came back the night after he blew the save against the Yankees when Derek Jeter hit a walk off, and I saw it tonight in Dellin Betances when he came to the mound tonight, one night after he blew a save. 

As a fan watching my team in a playoff race... I don't care how you want to be perceived as a pitcher. If I SEE you don't have the courage to perform... I would rather you walk guys like David Ortiz and Hanley Ramirez and take your chances with the less of the Yankee killers.

Joe Girardi did the right thing. I can't believe I said that, but I know what Joe was trying to do after Dellin blew the Save the night before. Joe Girardi tried his best to make sure Dellin was able to perform tonight. Because if Dellin ends this game and he gets the save, Dellin Betances gains confidence and then in turn builds confidence down the stretch when we need him most. 

Now he's lost and that's obvious. He's broken and so what do we do now? The Yankees now drop in the standings and suddenly it becomes a crisis.  The Yankees can't keep losing. Seriously... they can't. The Yankees need to win, not only each series now, but almost every game in September.

Impossible? Probably... but we've seen a hot Yankee team before and there is no reason to not see them again!

No recap here tonight. I'm pissed. Yanks should have won, but instead they lost 2 to the hand of Dellin Betances.

Anyone miss Andrew Miller or Aroldis Chapman right now? I do.

I leave you with this loser who clearly has no life:
Have fun with that.It's just baseball.  Everybody calm the fuck down.

Final: Red Sox 7 - Yankees 5

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