Wednesday, September 7, 2016


OK. For me, the visual was funny.  I picture Chad Green juking and avoiding the unneeded tackle of the actual Tommy John as he went in for the tackle.

Then I see Green running out on the field and putting his hands up in victory.... or something.  My mind works in strange ways... that's the end of that bit.

The actual news is Chad Green avoiding Tommy John surgery after he was pulled from his start last week because of some discomfort in his elbow.  You know I'm not a big Green fan, but I also don't wish ill will on anyone.  We here at BYB wish Green well.

According to LoHud, no Tommy John for Green, just rest and a new beginning in 2017.

"Chad Green might not pitch again this year, but he expects to avoid Tommy John surgery and be ready for spring training.

Yankees team physician Dr. Chris Ahmad recommended that Green rehab his strained flexor tendon, but it seems his ulnar collateral ligament is not damaged after all.

'That (flexor tendon) is where the pain was coming from,' Green said. 'I wasn’t getting much from the UCL. No pain, actually. It was just the flexor. Once they got the dye, (they could see the UCL more clearly). The first MRI didn’t really show the UCL all that much. The dye showed the UCL was still intact and good. It’s just a relief.'"

It really is a relief. 

Now Dr. Ahmad is a guy we have casually worked with here at BYB because of our relationship with Steve Hayward and together, they run the Baseball Health Network in the hopes to educate people about arm injuries and how to avoid them.  When we wrote about Green the other night in GANG GREEN, I couldn't help but think about the Baseball Health Network and how if an outlet like BHN was around when these pro players were kids, maybe the injuries would be less.  Who really knows, but it's just good to know that no surgery was needed.

Rest Chad. We'll see you in 2017.

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