Friday, September 2, 2016


We're excited again, aren't we. But we as Yankee fans weren't always this happy.  This season has been unbelievably rough on our fan base, but then we got younger making some monster trades at the deadline.  We received retirement announcements from Mark Texieira and Alex Rodriguez

And then the kids came up and Gary Sanchez is leading the charge.  And us Yankee fans see hope because of it. 

My friend Jason Keidel writes a terrific piece for CBS Sports and I wanted to share some of it here on BYB with you.  I do it because Keidel's the man, approachable, smart and just a cool cat, and so, here's some of that story today:

"This will shock the Yankees, their fans and those who read this space with any regularity.

I was wrong.

Before the MLB trade deadline, I said that detonating the Yankees’ nuclear bullpen was not only counterintuitive, but also bad business.

While many of us misguided folks said the Bombers are only allowed to reload, the Yankees indeed have the right to rebuild. In fact, they had a duty to do so.

And Exhibit A is their glittering new catcher, who was merely promoted and not acquired.

While Gary Sanchez goes all Roy Hobbs on the sport, his binary impact has the media and the masses drooling. Sanchez provides not just the illusion that the Yankees are World Series contenders this year, but also the reality that they are much closer to future contention than they were the day before he was called to the majors."

If you don't Keidel, know him now.  He's honest, keeps it fresh and to the point and sometimes we Yankee fans don't want to hear from him, but he dishes it.  He's also usually right.  And he's right about Sanchez.

Gary and the new New York Yankees have a big shot, and we're all pretty psyched because of the moves we've made, but mainly because of Gary Sanchez and his explosion.  Can the Yankees make the post season? If you asked me 2 weeks ago, I would have said "Hey, let's just finish the season and look forward to 2017."  Today I'm saying it looks real good.

Look, we have a crucial 10 game home stand that will pretty much determine our post season dreams in 2016.  But I feel good about it, I really do, especially is Sanchez and company can do the job.

Anyway, Be sure to check out Keidel HERE, and make sure you read him regularly. He's one of the good ones, and he's always been cool with us here at BYB.

As for the Yankees and Sanchez... root hard fans, we're back! I hope we can keep the wins going.

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