Friday, August 26, 2016


When I was a kid, my grandmother took me to the movies to see Beastmaster.  It was one of the hottest sword and sorcery fantasy movies at the time and the Beastmaster, played by Marc Singer was big and bad ass and one of the toughest guys out there.  It was kind of like a cheaper version of Conan the Barbarian, but I always liked the movie because the Beastmaster meant business.

The Beastmaster was the stud, kind of like Gary Sanchez is right now.

Tonight, the Yankees did what they were supposed to do... beat Baltimore.  The best part was they beat them very well. And Gary Sanchez was a beast... a Beastmaster... out to prove that the Yankees are out for a final push toward the playoffs.  Sanchez let the team going 3-5 with 4 RBIs and a home run and double.  

Over all, the team had 18 hits behind Sanchez and they just looked energized and fresh behind he, Castro, Gardner and Teixeira.

Luis Cessa pitched wonderfully tonight as well pitching 6 innings and giving up just 5 hits and 3 runs.   The only other run was given up by Kirby Yates.

And over all, the Yanks did what they needed to do. Win... and win big behind the Beastmaster, Gary Sanchez.  He can't be stopped... and he helps make this new-faced Yankee team pretty damn exciting.

If the Yanks can continue to win each series, the Yankees will be in the playoffs folks.  If the Yankees continue to have a red hot Sanchez leading the charge... we got something even more special for the rest of this season, and more in the future.   I can't wait.

Final: Yankees 14 - Orioles 4

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