Thursday, August 11, 2016


Quick note and a silly one that every single Yankee fan and baseball fan already know.  And it's strange too, because the AP, The Associated Press, is in the news business for news, not obvious headlines and opinion... and so that's why I just don't get this one.

AP writes: "By the time Alex Rodriguez collects his last payment as a player from the Yankees next year, he will have received $317,368,852 from New York, according to a review of his contracts by The Associated Press...

In all, Rodriguez will earn about $448 million as a player, including $119 million from Texas and about $12 million from Seattle.

Heading into Friday night's finale, the last game before New York releases him, the 41-year-old Rodriguez has hit .284 with 351 homers and 1,094 RBIs for the Yankees, helping them win their 27th Series title in 2009 but often failing in other postseasons..."

And so ultimately the article is about his breakdown of money owed and money the Yankees spent and that they got 1 championship out of it.  The title: "A-Rod cost Yanks $317M for 1 World Series title."

Well... and pardon my phrasing here... but no shit. Doesn't EVERYBODY know that????

Thank you Captain Obvious...

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