Wednesday, August 24, 2016


No, I'm not going to do a deep recap of last night's game because I am emotionally checked out, and Bleeding Yankee Blue was built on emotion, and so, we're not going to aimlessly write recaps every night and try to act like we know why this team is very good or very bad like the other blogs do. We're not that. Besides... you're smart... you already know!

I will tell you this... The Yankees are 5 out of the Wild Card and it's August 24th.  With alittle help from the planet's aligning, the Yankees digging deep and alittle help from other teams losing a bit... there is a chance. Slim, but possible.

But the bigger reason for me writing about last night's game is this... I liked what CC Sabathia did last night.  He looked seasoned, he looked like the old CC Monster I know and love. 7 innings pitched last night, he allowed just 3 hits and 1 run. He even struck out 7.

Jacoby Ellsbury homered to help out.  Player of the game besides CC has got to be Ronald Torreyes... I love this kid! 3-4 last night with 1 RBI and 1 run scored.  He played third.  I would suggest he stay there and we wish Chase Headley well.

Look, the win was important... the moments were huge and in the end, there's still time... not alot, but there is still time.  We need alot of luck though folks... don't get it twisted.

I just wanted to congratulate CC on a great game pitched... after all, he's always been a supporter of ours here at Bleeding Yankee Blue... we love the big lug!

Final: Yankees 5 - Mariners 1

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